Dental Technology to Increase Your Comfort

Dental Technology to Increase Your Comfort

We incorporate advanced dental technology into our treatment to increase your comfort and our ability to diagnose and treat you.


  • Low Radiation Digital X-rays: Uses 90% less radiation and provides immediate images to quickly diagnose hidden problems.
  • IntraOral Cameras: See what we see! Intraoral cameras allow you to see up close what is happening in your mouth.
  • Tooth Colored Restorations: you no longer need to have a mouth full of metal when you get fillings! We use natural looking, tooth colored restorations so that your teeth maintain that natural look and feel.
  • 3D Diagnostic X-Ray Technology: With cone beam 3D imaging, we can be more precise in diagnosing dental problems, including conditions that are more difficult to diagnose with traditional X-rays. Click here to learn more about 3D Imaging.
  • E4D CAD/CAM Same Day Dentistry: Crowns & Bridges in just one visit! The E4D system enables us to scan your tooth, design the final restoration virtually, and mill your metal-free restoration with precision in just about an hour.
  • LANAP Laser Gum Treatment: This technology can re-grow the tissues and bone that are lost to gum disease. Compared to traditional osseous surgery, patients say the LANAP protocol is less painful, creates less post-op sensitivity, results in less gum loss, and requires very little downtime after treatment.
  • Invisalign® Invisible Teeth Alignment & Clear Aligners: these alternatives to metal braces can straighten your teeth using virtually invisible aligners that can be removed while eating.
  • Botox for TMJ


“Five Star” Patient Experience

We believe that every patient who comes through our door deserves “VIP Treatment.” When you arrive you will be greeted warmly, and you will quickly see that every team member at our practice has your comfort, convenience and personal care as their top priority.

A word from one of our happy patients…

“I knew I needed extensive dental work before I went to Warise Family Dentistry. I had mostly ignored my teeth for years, only seeing a dentist when the pain became unbearable . From the first time I went there I felt more comfortable than in any dentist’s office I had ever been to. The atmosphere, the genuinely friendly attitude of the office staff, and the always-encouraging and never-judgmental attitude of the entire dental staff have all made a big difference in my attitude about improving and maintaining good dental health. (I’d had some unpleasant experiences in the past.) While my years of neglect resulted in extensive procedures – extraction, root canals, crowns, etc. over the course of 4 years – each time I go in everything is explained fully before any procedure is begun, and the gentleness of each procedure is noteworthy. I have always been a bit of a pain-baby, but that has never been an issue at Warise Family Dentistry. And now I have a smile I’m happy to show off and diligent about maintaining!”

Bill A., Warise Family Dentistry Patient


Comfortable Office

Our office was designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. We feature:

  • Refreshments: Complimentary beverages are available for your enjoyment before or after your treatment. Choose from a wide variety of coffees, water, juices and more!
  • Comfortable Chairs, Blankets & Neck Pillows: Your comfort is important to us! Please enjoy a reclining chair, warm blanket and neck pillow to make your time in the chair as restful as possible. (Blanket & pillow available upon request)
  • Protective Eyewear: For your safety, each patient is provided with protective eyewear during treatment.
  • Complimentary Guest Wifi: While you are in our waiting area, please feel free to connect your phone, tablet or computer to our WIFI. The password can be found posted in each office waiting room.

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