How many times have you been sitting in the chair at the dentist’s office when your hygienist asks if you floss regularly followed by that awkward pause before you admit that you don’t? With the new year, resolutions to improve health are everywhere. Something easily overlooked, but that could have a fantastic impact on your oral health is flossing. That’s right! Taking an extra minute to floss your teeth once a day can help prevent cavities and gum disease. Because it’s easy to forget about, try making yourself some reminders for the first month until you get in the habit of flossing daily. Put a note on the bathroom mirror, set a reminder on your phone, or even keep the floss next to the couch so you can floss while watching TV. Besides forgetting about it, often people avoid flossing because it makes their gums bleed. But that’s a sure sign that you need it! Gums shouldn’t bleed anymore than eyes should. For most people, the bleeding will stop within a week of flossing and you will realize just what an improvement is taking place in your mouth. Just making this little change will be such a positive influence on your oral health. And your dental providers will definitely be impressed the next time they see you! Don’t put it off, at under a minute a day this has to be the easiest new year’s resolution there is!

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