Happy Labor Day!

With school back in session, now is the perfect time for a history lesson! Who knows the origins of Labor Day? It actually has its roots in the industrial revolution, when employers could demand unrestricted hours of labor from their workers, even children, and factory working conditions went largely unregulated. Gradually, labor unions were formed and laws were set in place to protect workers from the hazards of such treatment. The first state to make Labor Day and official holiday was Oregon in 1887, and the government declared it a federal holiday in 1894. Since then, it shares the first Monday in September with Canada’s Labour Day. However, most countries in the world celebrate it on the first of May, in remembrance of the Haymarket Affair, a violent riot that broke out at a strike in Chicago in 1886. I bet you didn’t know all that! Now you have some interesting trivia to tell your friends at the pool party. We hope you have a great time at the pool, the cookout, or wherever you and your family get to relax this Labor Day. We look forward to hearing all about it!

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