Father’s Day

With Mother’s day behind us, it’s time for dads to take center stage! Let’s go Dads! Your kids have your nose, follow your footsteps and even root beside you for your favorite sports teams. Little ones want to be just like you and your everyday routine can have a huge impact on them. Make sure you’re leading by example because your actions today could become your child’s actions 10 years from now. Teaching your child good behaviors, like brushing and flossing, when they are young will benefit you as a parent and give them a lifetime of healthy smiles. We hope you remember to reserve time this weekend to honor not only your dad but all the father figures in your life. Grandfathers, uncles, big brothers and even friends can offer fatherly influences, warmth and guidance in our lives. Here at Warise Family Dentistry we acknowledge all of you who perform loving fatherly duties.

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