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An important issue facing everyone this summer is choosing healthy drinks, especially during these hot months. Drinking a soda every once in a while is fine, as long as you drink it in one sitting. Sipping on it all day is very bad for your teeth; it’s like a continuous bath of sugar! And soda is definitely not the only drink people love to sip on over the summer. Sweet tea and Gatorade have just as much sugar! Even juice and beer are acidic and therefore harmful to your teeth if they spend too much time exposed to those liquids. A good tip: Enjoy your beverage of choice at your meal, later when you’re hot or thirsty, stick to drinking plenty of cool water. That way you stay hydrated, healthy, and your teeth don’t suffer! No one wants to pay for a good time by getting cavities, and why should you when they’re completely preventable? So have fun! Enjoy your food and drinks! And you’ll be even happier at your next dental cleaning when you don’t have to schedule a filling, time you could spend planning your next party instead!

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